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Bingo online

Bingo is a game of chance that is usually played in a large company or in a casino. The game begins with the fact that each player is given a card with a certain set of numbers. The cards contain 5×5 squares filled with random numbers. The numbers on the cards are randomly placed within a certain range.

Then, the facilitator begins to randomly select numbers and announce them out loud. Players who have these numbers on their cards mark them. The goal of the game is to be the first to complete all the numbers in one of their horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows. When this happens, the player yells “bingo!” and declares his victory.

There are several varieties of bingo, including 75 and 90 balls. In a 75-ball game, the numbers on the cards are arranged in a 5×5 matrix, centered on free space. In a 90-ball game, the cards have 9 columns of 3 numbers and 4 empty squares. In both cases, players need to mark the numbers on their cards and be the first to complete one of the rows.

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Table of Contents

Bingo is not just bingo

The worldwide fascination with bingo does not stop. Especially in the USA and Great Britain, there is a real bingo cult, which is celebrated with numerous game variations.

If you search online for bingo, you will not get a consistent picture and some of what is sold as bingo is actually not real bingo. To give you a basic understanding, we clearly distinguish in this article between:

Online bingo in vending machine form

Practically all bingo casinos online offer you a wide arsenal of slot machines. If you search for “bingo” at your favorite provider, you will surely find slots here and there that have a strong resemblance to real bingo.

Good bingo slots are not only provided by renowned providers like Microgaming, Wazdan, and NextGen, but also various smaller manufacturers are always creative. Thematically, the game developers offer you the whole range as usual. This can already be seen in the names of the slots. Below we have listed some examples:

These machines have a bingo flair, but they don’t come close to a real online lottery. You often “buy” tickets (which is like inserting a coin) and then the different balls are “drawn”, but at the end, the winning combinations flash like they do in a slot machine.

Instead of reels, you simply have bingo cards.

In real money bingo, however, you usually can’t stamp numbers one after the other or even compete against other participants. We recommend reducing the speed, if possible, to get more out of the game and the excitement that comes with it.

Some slots are closer to bingo than others, often you can just click through once and pick your favorites. In addition to real money slots, bingo-style scratch cards are sometimes offered.

Live bingo online rooms on the Internet

What we rather understand by “playing online bingo” are real bingo rooms where you can buy the cards, other players participate in the round and the balls are drawn one after the other via live stream. However, random number generators are often used here as well.

It is still pure gambling, but it feels as authentic as the Saturday Lotto. Providers with connected bingo rooms are much rarer to spot than when it comes to just themed machines.

Normally, you log in through your casino bingo online and then click into the bingo rooms just as you would into the bingo live online casino. There you can buy as many tickets as you like and take part in the rounds at the specified starting times. You have already laid the first foundations and can play online bingo for real money.

From then on, it is just a great feeling when you see your cards in front of you, the balls are drawn live and called in style. Unfortunately, you can’t shout “Bingo!” for joy in a classic way, but the system takes care of the complete evaluation for you.

The cost of a card varies. For bingo, however, they are rather low at 25 cents or 5 euros, but sometimes it can go higher. If you want the best bingo online play with higher stakes, you simply buy several cards.

How bingo works in the online casino – How to play online bingo

If you want to play bingo online for real money, you should know the rules of the game like the back of your hand.

You surely have the pictures in mind, how especially in the USA pensioners gather, buy bingo cards and then diligently use the thick stamps. In front is the “emcee” who reads out the numbers of the balls drawn. Ultimately, this is bingo.

The special charm of bingo lies in the simplicity of the game, which works like a kind of online lottery:

  1. You buy any number of betting slips, on which usually in a 5×5 or 3×5 grid in each case under the letters BINGO an extract of the numbers from 1 to 75 or gladly also 1 to 90 is arranged randomly.
  2. Similar to the traditional lottery, numbers are drawn from a pot and you happily cross off each hit (or let the online system do this for you).
  3. Typically, in 5×5, you must manage to mark an entire row, column, or diagonal. Then you are the first to shout “Bingo!” and win the prize.

How does free bingo games online differ from real money bingo online?

Free bingo online is used by companies, especially for marketing purposes. The player usually receives the ticket here without having to make a bet for it. There are usually material and cash prizes to be won.

Online bingo real money can be regarded as a commercial game of chance. Similar to the lottery, the chances of winning are low, depending on the number of players, as only one can be the first.

On the positive side, many online providers have linked their bingo programs with progressive jackpots. So then a few cents can quickly become a few thousand euros. If you dare to play bingo online with real money.

For those who do not want to bet money on bingo, the demo mode of free online bingo Australia is suitable.

Bingo slots are almost always equipped with a play-money mode. In the live casino, you can watch, but without real money, bets do not participate in the best online bingo Australia.

Can you play online bingo games with mobile devices?

In this day and age, mobile users are usually not disadvantaged. Both dedicated bingo providers and online casinos Australia with bingo games usually provide you with a web app. This means that you gamble via the browser installed on your smartphone or tablet. Sometimes a native casino app is also available.

If you use a mobile device when playing game bingo online for real money, all the functions that you know from the desktop side are usually available. You can deposit and withdraw money as well as access bonuses or contact support.

What does a good online bingo strategy look like?

Let’s not kid ourselves! Even if you stamp drawn numbers on your ticket and diligently hope to complete the series:

You have no control over what number comes up and where it is located.

Bingo is a mix of lottery and scratch cards. You don’t even have to be on the screen to win. But a strategy requires direct influence like in online poker or online blackjack, where you eventually lose more with bad play than with good. In bingo, there is no real strategy.

Mathematical theories will not help you

Much speculation has been made over the decades as to how the matter could be exploited mathematically. A well-known approach is, for example, the Granville theory, which is based on the fact that after a high number comes rather a low one. Unfortunately, you can’t do much with it.

In the same way, it doesn’t matter mathematically whether you play four bills for one euro or one bill for four. Even with the same stake, “more tickets” does not automatically mean “more winnings”. Because even if you are more likely to have a winning one with ten cards, the other nine will make up for it with the lost fees.

System play also does not lead to success

What you can do at best is to play a system similar to LOTTO 6/49, i.e. buy several cards and select some numbers several times. If the corresponding numbers come, it looks very good in the round. If they do not come, that is then the other side of the coin.

If you speculate on playing bingo online with only a few players, the math god will have to disappoint you here as well. You will win more often, but the prize pool is correspondingly small. With more players, you will win less often, but significantly more, and this balances out again.

The only intervention in this perfect statistical structure is taken by the operator, who always takes his share in advance.

The best online bingo tips

If you want to play bingo online and use real money, there are the same general bingo online casino tips from us over and over again:


Online Bingo is fun and brings in the best-case money. As passionate gamblers, how could we end this article other than with an explicit recommendation? The various online slots are quite nice and serve their purpose, but it never gets boring in the rarefied bingo halls. This is amazing, after all, bingo is a lottery with no strategic element.

Due to the competition with others and the social interactions in the chat paired with the clever mode of “collecting numbers”, bingo has long since developed into a true “people’s game”. With a bit of luck, it is even possible to win money playing bingo – as a bonus to the fun of the game.


Can I influence the course of bingo? open answer

No, Australian online bingo is a mixture of lottery and scratch cards that cannot be influenced by a specific bingo strategy. Once the card is purchased, the numbers drawn are automatically ticked and possible winnings occur automatically.

What can I win? open answer

The cards are usually between a few cents and a few euros, only rarely in higher spheres. Depending on the number of participants, you may be lucky enough to win three or even four-digit sums, especially if a progressive jackpot is paid out. In this context, it is also crucial whether it is free or bingo online real money.

What payout rates can I expect? open answer

As a rule of thumb, you can assume that good bingo providers work with a payout rate of about 95 percent of the card prizes. In-state bingo draws are sometimes lost up to half.
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