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Denis Mak
Denis Mak

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can play online free poker. Hone your skills, test new variations and make risky bluffs without having to play for money. Online poker can be a lot of fun and is considered by many players as a great way to entertain themselves.

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Free Poker on the Internet

Beginning can often be difficult, and if you’ve never played poker before, you may not want to risk your own money. That’s why we offer special promotions so you can try playing poker online for free.

Regardless of your poker experience, you can learn, practice and improve your poker skills using the

With many free promotions, you can participate in cash games and poker tournaments without risk!

So what are the advantages of playing on our portal? First of all:

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  • You can play without registration and download – nothing easier! Just click the start stamp “free poker” and you can enjoy the entertainment anywhere! You also do not need to download the game. Just go to our site and click the appropriate button! Online poker for free without registration is the best way to train your hidden talent!

  • You play against the computer – you don’t have to wait for the other person to bet their cards. Poker game against the computer is very fast and automated. At the same time, you do not have the feeling that there is a computer on the “other side”!

  • Great graphics and a very good soundtrack – these are the basics that our players most often pay attention to. In addition to the fact that gambling is supposed to bring money and adrenaline, it is also supposed to provide some aesthetic experience. Free poker games that are available on our portal are characterized by very nicely prepared graphics as well as music and game sounds.

  • We take care of the variety of games all the time and try to get as many items from different game providers as possible. We believe that our players will appreciate this diversity.

Poker no deposit bonus – strengths and weaknesses

Although one of the topic of our site is a no-deposit online poker games bonus, but this does not mean that we uncritically delight in every such promotion. This is because everything depends on the specific conditions defined in the terms and conditions of such an offer by the online casino that is the creator of this or that free online poker bonus.

Therefore, in the information below we have compiled the most typical advantages and disadvantages of average no deposit poker bonuses that you should know. After all, we try to be ruthlessly honest with our readers and present them with reliable and unbiased information, and not, as is often the case on other websites, only positive and attractive-sounding articles full of false praise, which aim to encourage players to use the services of the casino sponsoring such publications. We do not use such disreputable ploys, so you can be sure that with us you will get everything you need given in an absolutely honest and objective way. So here is a summary of the pros and cons of no-deposit bonuses for online poker.

Advantages and disadvantages of free poker

Free Poker games

Free money to play poker online free. Usually a small amount of money allowing only a few rounds at low stakes.
Ability to play numerous poker games without paying. Sometimes it happens that the bonus amount is not enough to cover even the lowest bet in many poker games.

It is the player who chooses the games he is interested in and the amount of the stake for subsequent hands (unless the casino has specified otherwise). It is quite common for casinos to explicitly state which game titles can be played by a player who has received a no deposit bonus.

The player can win money despite the fact that he has not paid a penny for the game. Usually, winnings obtained through no-deposit bonuses are subject to a wagering requirement, that is, they must be wagered a certain number of times before being withdrawn to your bank account.

Discover different versions of Poker Online Free

Many people immediately think of Stefan Raab and the poker nights on Pro7 when they think of poker. Admittedly, it was through these shows that Hold’em really became known. Suddenly the purchases of poker suitcases doubled. Besides this variant, however, there are many others.

Because poker is not only Texas Hold’em, even if this version is currently the most popular. Poker with 3 cards, Poker with 5 cards, Carribean Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Red Dog Poker or the Let it Ride Poker are other versions that you should definitely get to know.

Playing poker for free on our site is like participating in a freeroll tournament: You learn and get acquainted with the game playfully and for free, without pressure and without fear of losing your money. In this respect, our team work like a real poker school and is much more beneficial than the real money poker tables. No registration is required, you don’t need to download or install anything. In the future, all you have to do is visit our site to benefit from our selection of almost 50 free poker games.

The ideal way to start practicing different combinations – dice poker

In the pub it is played with pleasure, but also on vacation with friends. We are talking about dice poker. Before you switch to poker cards, you should bet on dice, because it is much easier and you will easily learn the combinations. The only things you need are dice and a dice block.

Dice poker is played with five special dice. You get them in a set with a dice plate and a poker block. There you can enter the points and better add up. The gameplay of dice poker is child’s play, that’s why it is often played with children. The player may throw the dice three times. The first time all five dice are thrown. After that, the player can choose whether to roll again and how many dice to use. The goal is to achieve a “poker hand”. This is where the classic poker order comes into play. The lowest is a pair and the highest is a straight flush.

This poker variant does not go into depth. It depends on your own luck and is very reminiscent of video poker. Here no one needs a poker face and you are on your own every round. Here you do not play against each other with poker cards, only the best dice win.

As mentioned, as a start, dice poker is ideal to learn the basics. You gradually memorize the combinations, and which poker hands, are the best.

Video poker: The ideal introduction before the poker games, such as Hold’Em and Co

If you don’t have anyone to play with, you can play video poker for free on the Internet. This is similar to dice poker, except that it is played with poker cards. Video poker, as the name suggests, is played on a machine. In the past, these were in the pubs, but today they are more likely to be found in the casinos. And of course in online casinos Australia.

There are different versions of video poker. Sometimes there are variants with or without jokers. The player gets five poker cards and can deselect them if desired. In sequence, the poker cards are exchanged. Depending on the combination it comes to a win or not. Also in video poker you can only intervene to a limited extent. It is a fast moving game where you should know the poker hands. For the entrance into the poker world it is ideal in any case. Those who want to train their poker face are out of place here.

According to which order are the poker hands determined?

Anyone who wants to play poker free online must know which poker cards have the greatest value. For this purpose, there are various combinations that are the same everywhere in the poker games. We would like to introduce you to the most important poker hands in this section so that you can remember and use them for your next game.

Poker hands from the lowest to the highest:

High Card: Highest card in the game, if there are no other combinations. For example, with: 5,4,2,4 and A, the Ace is the High Card.
Pair: One pair. 5+5, 3+3, A+A or 4+4 etc.
Two Pair: Two pairs, e.g. 3+3 and 4+4.
Trips: One trip. e.g.: K+K+K
Straight: If 5 poker cards make a row, the straight. eg: 5,6,7,8,9
Flush: Five poker cards of the same suit. eg: 5 cards of hearts.
Full House: A pair and a trip make a full house. e.g.: 5+5+5 and 2+2
Quads: Four poker cards of the same rank make a quad. eg: J+J+J
Straigh Flush: 5 poker cards of the same suit. eg: spades5, spades6, spades7, spades8 and spades10
Royal Flush: Highest cards of a suit. eg: 10 of hearts, J of hearts, Q of hearts, K of hearts and A of hearts.
Two Pair: Two pairs, e.g. 3+3 and 4+4.

A few words by way of conclusion Poker Free

If you have read information about free poker, you probably already know what poker no-deposit bonuses are all about and what their strengths and weaknesses are. In conclusion, in our opinion, it’s always worth taking advantage of this option, because after all, you can play different varieties of poker this way for free. However, it’s not worth getting set on high winnings – they can happen naturally, but usually, however, the no-deposit bonus is too low to shower you with money. However, a few hundred can always fall in – so it’s worth taking the risk, especially since it doesn’t cost you anything.