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Denis Mak
Denis Mak

Visa Casino is a casino with the ability to deposit and withdraw using Visa payment system or bank cards. In our article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the method and go into detail about the protection of funds of a player who wants to use an online casino to pay with a Visa card.

Playing at a Visa casino is good, safe, and easy? That’s right. But Visa had suddenly disappeared from the scene of gambling. They have long since returned as a payment option in many online casinos. We present the top list of Visa online casinos and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of this payment option. We also have a few tips ready.

National Casino

Up to 1500AUD + 150 Free Spins for first 2 deposits

Games: 4200+

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150% up to $1000 + 100 free spins

Games: 9000+

Licences: Curacao

N1 Bet

UP TO 10,000 AUD + 200 FREE SPINS

Games: 2500

Licences: Curaçao

Joo Casino

Up to 7000AUD + 200 Free Spins

Games: 600+

Licences: Curacao

Lucky Hunter

Get up to 6,000 AUD + 250 FS

Licences: Curaçao

Golden Crown

100% up to $10,000 + 100 free spins or 100 mBTC

Games: 2000+

Licences: Curacao

1Red Casino

100% up to $6,000 + 50 Free Spins for first deposit. Bonus code: ONERED.

Licences: Curacao

Bizzo Casino

100% up to 250AUD + 100 Free Spins for Dig Dig Digger / Mechanical Clover

Games: 4100+

Licences: Curacao


First Deposit Bonus 100% up to 0.0072 BTC + 50 free spins

Games: 5000+

Licences: Curacao

Grand Rush

200% up to $4000 + 40 free spins

Games: 800+

Licences: Curacao

pluses iconPluses:

  • Visa is the accepted payment method in most online casinos around the world
  • It is a payment option that many players are familiar with
  • Deposits are processed instantly and free of charge
  • Eligible for large bonuses at Visa's best online casinos
  • Very secure for online payments and casino deposits

pluses iconMinuses:

  • Withdrawals are not as fast as some of the other banking methods available

The Visa card: Intro & Facts

The Visa payment card is probably known to every earthling who does not live behind the moon and not only as a casino payment method. Credit cards have been considered a modern and practical means of payment for decades. In Europe, too, Visa is the most important credit card company and is almost synonymous with credit cards per se. In Europe, Visa and MasterCard are in a neck-and-neck race for supremacy.

You don’t get a Visa card directly from Visa itself. Instead, the card is always linked to one’s bank account. And it is ultimately the bank that issues the card to the customer.

Visa casinos: History and headquarters

In fact, however, Visa originated in the USA and is also the market leader there. They were founded in 1958 with a questionable pun as Bank Americard. Their headquarters are now located in Foster City in the state of California.

Visa Inc. is traded on the stock exchange and the entire company has more than 20,000 employees worldwide. MasterCard (and American Express in the U.S.) are serious competitors, but so far have not been able to break Visa’s popularity.

On another note, Wild Fortune Casino deserves your attention. It offers the flexibility of using Visa debit or credit card for hassle-free money transactions, allowing you to deposit and Wild Fortune withdrawal funds effortlessly. Plus, all transactions are processed instantly, without any charges.

In the store and on the Internet

It is well known that credit cards can be used to pay in the supermarket or store around the corner, but they can also be used on the Internet. This is not limited to online casinos but includes almost everything you can buy on the Internet.

At the same time, security precautions have become stricter in recent years. Since 2021, 2-factor authentication has been mandatory. This makes payment somewhat more strenuous, as PINs and passwords have to be entered more often. In return, however, the protection against abuse and fraud increases at the same time.

Advantages of Visa Casinos

Visa Casino is one of the most common categories in the world and among online casinos Australia in particular. They have a number of advantages, here are some of them:

Playing in online casino with Visa Casino

Using Visa in online casinos is the actual topic of this essay. We will do justice to it in this chapter. Because now it is about an assessment of the situation, tips, bonus, es and about tips that you should definitely pay attention to.

Visa was considered one of the most popular casino payment methods a few years ago, and even today Visa is (again) very widely used.

Visa Debit & Visa Electron

Visa casinosBy Visa credit cards we mean: All Visa cards. Besides real credit cards with a certain credit limit, there are also credit-based Visa Cards. These are casino Visa Debit Cards or Visa Electron Cards – analogous to Maestro cards, linked to a checking account.

In common parlance, these are also called prepaid credit cards. You can use the card as long as the associated bank account has funds. When it comes to the payment process itself, the principle is exactly the same. In the end, it doesn’t matter which type of Visa card you have at the Internet casino. Apart from the credit limit, there is no difference.

Fees in Visa casinos

When it comes to fees, Visa is not necessarily the favorite of all sellers. Some store owners are not at all well disposed towards the famous card. The fees (sometimes) consist of a small fixed amount per transaction on the one hand and a percentage on the other. That’s why some stores have a minimum volume of 10€ for credit card payments.

For the online casino that accept Visa, we can state: In the past, casino operators often passed on the costs to the player. With some payment methods – including Visa – fees of up to 3% were deducted when making an online casino Visa deposit. So there was already a loss before the first bet. Nowadays, however, most Visa casinos are completely fee-free.

Limits in casinos that accept Visa

In some online casinos is already at 1000 € end, because there is a monthly limit of 1000 €. However, you can also raise this limit on requests to customer service.

At most casinos (so-called online casinos without limit), however, you can pump up to 4000 € or 5000 € per deposit into the player account. For online casino Visa withdrawal, similar amounts are possible.

The minimum amounts for deposits and withdrawals are either 10€ or 20€, depending on the provider. These are the same values as for other payment methods.

Visa casino security

Here are the main ways Visa uses it to protect your money:

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  • Cards require a PIN when used at local stores or ATMs

  • Visa uses state-of-the-art security and SSL encryption trusted by the world's largest companies

  • Visa does not hold the cardholder responsible for unauthorized transactions if the card is lost or stolen

  • Visa supports tokenization for safer use of online payments

Account Verification

Usually, you have to verify your player account with the best casino sites that accept Visa before the 1st withdrawal. This is a little complex with a credit card. You have to upload not only a copy or a photo of his card. This must also be done from both sides.

Additionally, you have to cover certain info in the process, but not the wrong ones. The first 6 and the last 4 digits of the card number must be visible. The middle numbers in between must be made unrecognizable. You can either cover them directly when you take the photo or you can make them unrecognizable afterward. The card number is also visible on the back, and you must also cover the three-digit security code on the back.

Responsible Gaming

When it comes to gambling control, credit cards are a payment method with rather weaker protection against itself. Especially in the case of credit cards with generous financial limits in the negative, one should be careful. This applies to normal shopping as well as gambling.

It is always important in the casino that you have an overview of your income and expenses. Especially when paying by credit card, you should be careful. It can happen quickly in online casinos that you make decisions in the heat of the moment that you later regret.

In the UK, for example, credit cards have been banned from gambling. It’s important to keep control of your spending.

Alternatives to Visa casinos

Visa cards are not the only option available for depositing at online casinos. We recommend that you use more than one method at a time so that you don’t rely too much on one solution.

Here are some popular payment methods you can use in addition to Visa:

Characteristic Visa  Skrill MasterCard Paysafe PayPal
High security
Instant deposits
Revocation option


It is impossible to imagine our lives without credit cards. Even when gambling on the Internet Visa and Co. are increasingly used. Card payment is one of the established, secure, and practical payment methods in the casino.

It does not matter whether you use a real credit card, a Visa debit card like Visa Electron, or even a prepaid credit card.

There are many online casinos with card payment, in most of them, MasterCard and Visa are possible. Since one can quickly lose the overview.

Therefore, we have tested all providers and created the list of the best Visa casinos online, you can find it at the top of this article. Of course, we update this list regularly, update the bonus information and add new casinos as needed.


Are there online casinos with Visa in Australia? open answer

Yes. In 2020, Visa put its cooperation with all gambling websites on hold in Australia. Now, however, most casinos have reinstated Visa as a payment option for their cashier.

Can one activate a bonus in the casino with Visa? open answer

One can redeem multiple bonuses in all Visa casinos recommended by CasinoFM, this applies to payments with any credit card. One can also register with several providers. You can find info about the bonuses in the list above.

How do I find the best Visa casino? open answer

You can find the best Visa online casinos with direct payment options for the famous credit card in our list at the top of this article. We pay attention to various aspects such as security and reliability, game offers, wagering and winning opportunities, quality of the website and customer service, as well as bonus offers.
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