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Denis Mak
Denis Mak

Keno online is a gambling game that you play using special cards/coupons with numbers. The numbers range from 1 to 70 or 1 to 80 (in most online Keno games). The player chooses the numbers and receives a prize if they are among those 20 drawn by the machine.

This is one of the most widely, widespread types of keno in the world. A portion of the money that players deposit goes into a common pot creating what is known as the jackpot. The jackpot grows over time. The player who correctly predicts all 20 numbers receives the entire amount. After winning, the jackpot fills up anew as more games and bets are made.

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The cradle of the game is considered to be Italy, where it was invented in the 16th century by a city councilor from Genoa. The system gained great popularity and made a lot of money for the city’s coffers, but after the city’s decline Keno was forgotten. According to another theory, Keno originated in China and was, according to legend, a way to raise funds to build the Great Wall of China.

A renewed boom in the game of Keno began in the 1950s in Germany, specifically in West Berlin. It became a widely known numbers game, offered by most casinos and by some state lotteries.

Rules of online casino keno

how to play keno at the casino

Online Keno is a game of chance, so there is no need for you to master any specific rules of the game. The player only makes three decisions: what numbers to pick, how many of those numbers to pick and what stake to play for. Anyone can therefore take part in Keno draw without much difficulty. On the Internet you will also find some versions of Keno for free, but then the game is played, of course, without cash bets. Many online casinos have Keno or Keno-like games that you can use. Often when registering, players receive a welcome bonus, which they can use to bet on several draws. You may come across a game in English, but that shouldn’t be a problem, as the rules are almost identical everywhere.

The rules of the Keno game are extremely simple, although they may vary from country to country. For example, in Canada the player crosses out from two to ten numbers out of 70. In Germany it is from four to ten, as in Hungary, although there in Keno the pool of numbers is 80. Check exactly what rules apply to your game. Once you are familiar with the rules, choose the numbers you think will be drawn by the system. This is a typical game of chance, where randomness counts, it is impossible to predict what numbers will appear on the balls drawn. If you are lucky and have a nose, you can win no small amount of money, while if you don’t hit a single number, you will lose. The amount you win depends on how many of the numbers drawn, will coincide with your prediction. History knows cases in which Keno winnings reached sky-high heights.

The highest winnings in the Keno game took place in 2015 and 2019. At that time the lucky players won 400.000 AUD each.

Keno how many numbers to predict?

You’re probably wondering if playing Keno by system is even possible. After all, the numbers are drawn by a machine, and you have no control over anything but picking the numbers. The most ardent players, however, claim that luck can be helped a bit. Of course, the first advice you’ll encounter will be to practice on the free versions of the game, which will allow you to get used to it. Keno online draws are frequent enough that you can also make a few minimal bets relatively painless for your pocket and see how you play. The general rule, however, is that the more numbers you pick, the higher the possible winnings. By the way, by typing all 10 numbers in Keno Lotto, you win even if none of them is drawn.

Keno Results – when do you learn them?

When playing Keno online, you can learn the results at the same moment you play. This is because you are watching the machine drawing consecutive numbers. There are 261 draws every day, so you have a chance to win every 4 minutes. You can watch the draws live on monitors set up at Lotto points. You can also see animations of previous draws on the Lotto website. So, if you literally have a few spare minutes, you can buy a ticket, choose the numbers and take part in the next drawing. The amount you win depends on how many numbers you pick (min 1, max 10), how many draws you want to take part in and what stake you play with (basic or multiples thereof). Online Keno is very popular because the wins are relatively frequent.

Where to play online keno game ?

Casino sites, which often also have many different options for this game, are the ideal place to play keno online. The games vary in layout or sound design, but other than that, there are very few significant differences. It may be that the maximum number of numbers you can pick is higher or lower than expected. Many Keno games also give players the option to pick numbers at random, in which case the slot machine really does everything for you.

Your chances of winning can also be increased by playing the same numbers in multiple draws. In casinos this option is called “multi race cards”. Online Keno Australia can prove to be a really exciting pastime, if you have some time and your budget allows. Chances of winning are always there, but don’t let yourself believe that there is any one effective strategy or that someone has mathematically calculated what numbers will win in the next draw.

You may even come across offers to sell such “lucky numbers,” but remember that such a thing really does not exist, and the winner in this situation will be only the one from whom you bought the numbers. Play only if you like the excitement of playing virtually out of your control. Of course, you can bet on your favourite numbers or those symbolizing important dates, but Keno is still just a game of chance and you only need luck to win.

Casino keno strategy

Keno online game is an extremely random game, but as in other gambling games, players often look for the best winning strategies to increase their chances. If you want to play Keno at one of the online casinos, we have some good tips for you (they are listed below). Remember, however, that these are just tips. And they may help, but they will not guarantee high winnings. The same is true for the strategy of betting on numbers that have not been drawn for a long time. Indeed, it may happen that you end up hitting them, but no one can give you 100% certainty. When it comes to picking numbers, you may also often encounter the idea of picking consecutive numbers. Again – this may or may not work.

things maskot image
  • Dial from four to eight numbers

    Statistically, betting between four and eight numbers in keno gives you the best chance of winning. Betting below four you have a small chance of hitting anything, while betting above eight you risk more money than the potential winnings.

  • Play only at licensed casinos

    Take care of your safety and don’t give your card details to untested sites. Play at licensed casinos to make sure your money is safe.

  • Practice on free versions of the game

    Practice makes perfect, so it’s worthwhile for you to try your hand at free versions of the online free keno game without the risk of losing real money. Once you become proficient, you can safely switch to the real money game mode!

  • Play where the stakes are higher

    Look for options with a progressive jackpot. (Check the RTP value before you start playing

The test winners summarized by category

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This is how easy it is to play keno online

Run to the nearest kiosk, buy a ticket and then wait for the next draw? And then also check the tickets for winnings and run to the kiosk again to collect the winnings? That was yesterday! Playing keno at an online casino is much easier and more convenient. Once you have registered on an appropriate site and internalized the keno rules, playing is a breeze. This is the simple process of playing online keno:

How to play online keno game on the internet

Step 1

Buy tickets and select numbers. You choose any number of your desired numbers and determine the ticket price.

Step 2

The drawing of the winning numbers. Once the draw has been started, everything runs fully automatically from here on. The numbers are drawn one by one and it is immediately apparent how many of your numbers were correct.

Step 3

Immediate payout of winnings. The payout of your winnings based on the number of numbers picked, the number of correct numbers and the ticket price is immediately booked to your user account.

Step 4

User account is available for further bets on any games.

Everything runs fully automatically and reliably on the Internet, there is no possibility of missing a win or not being paid out. This is ensured by transparency and traceability of all organized games, which are monitored by European regulatory authorities.

The advantages of online keno

Keno is part of the offer of the respective lotteries in most states. Given that, what are the advantages of playing keno online Australia instead of lotto? First and foremost, I would like to mention the availability of the games around the clock. Furthermore, in online casinos you never have to wait for a jackpot to be drawn and the winnings are immediately credited to your player account.

In addition, the best online keno Australia titles significantly enhance the gaming experience with successful animations and numerous different betting options. Finally, you are not only independent of time in the digital casinos, but you can also place your bets from anywhere via your smartphone. Here you clearly benefit from the successful efforts of the providers to provide you with sophisticated and intuitive casino apps. Here is a clear summary of all the advantages:

pluses iconPluses:

  • Drawings around the clock: as soon as you have placed a ticket, the draw takes place!
  • Greater choice of bet size: Online, the stakes for keno tickets start at just a few cents!
  • Automatic game process: All tickets are automatically evaluated, winnings automatically credited!
  • Higher Payout Ratios: Online Keno has a payout rate of around 95%, with Lotto Keno it is rarely more than 60%!
  • Also on mobile devices: Keno can also be conveniently geuzockt on the go on the cell phone!


What was the biggest win in keno? open answer

With a single stake, the highest win was 4000 AUD. However, it is possible to increase the stake, up to the point where the winnings can amount to 400000.

What are the advantages of playing keno? open answer

The biggest advantage of playing keno is that the gameplay happens quickly. On average, keno is played every 10 minutes in casinos.

How did the game of Keno begin? open answer

Keno was offered as a type of lottery in China for thousands of years and was eventually brought to the rest of the world by Chinese immigrants. It turned out that the Chinese weren't the only ones who loved the game, and the original Chinese characters on the keno card were eventually converted to numbers to make the game easier for non-Chinese. It was originally called baige piao and was eventually given the more Western-sounding name of keno.

How can land-based casinos offer Keno tickets so cheaply? open answer

Basically, you can play keno at land-based casinos for as little as a dollar a game, and even the AUD 2 minimum that some resort casinos require is still not a lot of money. Keno is priced like lottery tickets, which have proven that the ideal threshold is between AUD 1 and AUD 2 per ticket. Although it costs money to pay people to wander around the casino and buy tickets, the pricing model allows you to do so profitably, since the game itself costs virtually nothing.

Can online Keno games offer players better odds if they want to? open answer

Just as online slots usually offer better odds than physical slot machines, due to the much lower cost of operation, the much lower cost of running an online keno game compared to a land-based casino offers at least the potential for much better deals for players. The same principle would also apply to online casino table games, although online casinos have yet to take full advantage of this advantage. They can with keno, however, and being on a good keno site can make all the difference.

How does the casino advantage with Keno compare to other games? open answer

Keno does not have as high a casino advantage as lotteries, which are usually set at 50% or more, but the casino advantage with Keno can still be high, where it is up to 35%. For table games, there are generally no differences between casinos, and the choice between them may come down to the level of comps they pay, but there is no real standardization with keno, as there is with blackjack, roulette, craps or baccarat. that's why we may want to pay attention to these things in keno.
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