Best casino tournaments

Competitions arouse our ambition. Coming out on top and leaving everyone else behind is a wonderful feeling. And you don’t even need a sporting event to do it, because there are a lot of casino tournaments where players can compete with each other, whether it’s poker, blackjack or roulette.

In our article you will learn all the important information about casino tournaments: How do we rate individual events? What do you have to consider if you want to participate? And what types of casino competitions are there anyway?

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How we rate the best casino tournaments


You have come to the right place when it comes to finding the best “Online Casino Tournaments”. Our experts have certain principles according to which they evaluate events and websites. This means that in the end you will have all the crucial information at your disposal, so that you can choose exactly the tournament that best suits you and your expectations.

But how do our experts go about it, and what guidelines matter? We have compiled the most crucial factors for evaluating such races and casinos for you here:

The frequency of the contests: we find out for you how often the casinos hold tournaments, what type they are and which provider is ahead of its competitor in implementing contests or offers the best deals.

The excitement of the tournament and the prizes: It is interesting to see how generous the providers are in distributing the prizes and whether the contests provide enough thrills. We shed light on whether you can participate as a beginner or should bring more experience with you.

What’s in it for the winner in the end?


The conditions and service offers: Special offers are subject to special conditions. What are these, and how can they be classified? Can you reach customer service in case of questions or problems, and if so, through which channels? We check which payment methods are available to you and whether restrictions apply.
The selection of games and bonus offers: Does the casino or tournament have a focus when it comes to game selection, or are all genres catered to? Which specific games apply to which casino tournaments, and how or when may bonus offers be used for them?
The reputation of the casino: The casino must have a valid license and should provide you with the terms and conditions and other important information as transparently as possible. Our experts will also shed light on this for you, so that you have a safe feeling when playing.

What you should consider when choosing an online casino tournament

If you are looking for an online contest, then you have a choice between contests with a wide variety of features. In this section, we will take a closer look at how you can think of a casino contest, what benefits attract players to participate and different features of these races are crucial.

What you can expect as a player in a Casino Tournament

Basically, an online casino tournament is an event where players compete against other players, usually with the use of real money. The subject of the competition is either a specific game or a series of selected games (for example, those of a particular provider or genre). At the end of the tournament, the prize pool is available for the most successful players on the leaderboard. For both new and experienced players, tournaments are an exciting change of pace in the casino offer and arouse additional ambition.

The prospect of winning numerous prizes is a compelling reason for many players to participate. After all, there is a lot to be won in a good tournament. These can be real money or non-cash prizes. So, within such an event, successful players are more likely to win a higher prize than in a standalone game. It’s also a lot of fun knowing that you’re competing against real players and taking on the challenge of beating not an algorithm, but real people in the game.

While there is sometimes an entry fee, in many cases you can play more and longer for your stake than under normal circumstances. However, most tournaments, including slot races in particular, do not require an entry fee. The points here are often based on the amount of stakes or turnover.

Different features of tournaments

Depending on where your interests lie, you should choose a casino event that appeals to you and your skills as a player. This is because not every tournament is created equal. First, there are events that focus on a specific game, such as casino poker tournaments or those for roulette, blackjack or slots. If you have the ambition to make it to the top of the rankings, it is best to choose a competition in which you are particularly good at the game. If you would rather try something new, but are still looking for a challenge, you can venture into an event whose game you want to get to know better or in which you want to train your skills. The basic idea of a tournament is always the same, but each one has its own structure. Some examples are:

There are other features of casino races that can influence your decision to participate. These include the entry fees and the prize scale. Here you can read about what options are available and decide which ones are right for you.

Fee options for entering the tournament casino

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  • Buy-in method (multiple)

    You buy into the tournament with an amount. If you lose, there is an option to buy in again. Can thus become an expensive option.

  • Buy-in method (single)

    This method is good for beginners and allows the best control over the budget. There is only one fixed entry fee. However, if you lose your balance, no re-buying is possible.

  • Freeroll Tournaments

    No entry fee is required for casino freeroll tournaments. Members can sign up and receive the necessary funds to play.

  • Loyalty Tournament

    No extra fee is required, but only special members (e.g. VIP members) can participate. Unlimited bet You can bet as much as you want. The more you bet, the better your chances of winning.

Differences in the distribution of prizes

  1. All participation fees will be collected. At the end, the sum will be divided between the top players, which means that the winning sum is not fixed from the beginning, but can vary.
  2. Fixed prizes It does not matter how many participants there are, because the prizes are fixed in advance. If you land on the appropriate place, the prize there will be paid.
  3. Jackpot The tournament advertises a jackpot, which is either fixed or depends on the number of participants. The player on the first place wins the jackpot, the others go empty-handed.
  4. Bonus Prizes Bonuses or Free Spins are popular choices for Freeroll Tournaments as there is no fee involved. These tournaments offer great training opportunities or are suitable for just having fun.

Different types of casino tournaments

There are different reasons why are tournament casino. In this section, we will take a look at the occasions when races are held and what specifics are involved.

Seasonal tournaments

Around the year, there are several occasions when an online event can be held. Whether Easter or Christmas, other holidays such as Halloween, at the beginning of the vacations or the turn of the year: the possibilities are numerous. For almost all themes, there are a lot of slots that are ideally suited for such a competition. Tournaments of this type usually run over a period of one week to one month.

Daily and weekly tournaments

Some casinos have fixed tournaments in their offer. They run or start on a fixed day of the week, so players can be sure to re-enter the competition on a regular basis and improve their ranking from last time.

New game release tournaments

These casino events often involve slots that have just been released and are to be promoted with the help of a tournament. It is not uncommon for the software providers to get involved and set up the tournament in cooperation with the casino. One provider that often hosts such tournaments is NetEnt. Such “Slots Races” are particularly popular because they combine the joy of playing a new game with the ambition towards competition.

Tournaments in honor of the casino

Why not just celebrate yourself? Whether it’s the casino’s “birthday” or the launch of a new offering, providers always find occasions to include an event in the program. However, these can be the most diverse types of tournaments, which is why you should always first take a look at how the event is structured and what games are involved.

Tournaments to accompany sporting events

Casino competitions often start close to the time of events such as World Championships or the Olympic Games. This also offers the opportunity to include suitable sports bets in the race or to pay out special rewards for the use of special types of bets.

Tournaments for customer loyalty and motivation

Sometimes, however, no specific event is needed to start a competition, but simply the need to bring some variety into the casino routine. This can get interested visitors to sign up and motivate already registered users to stay on the ball.

Casino Tournament Games

You’ve already gotten an insight into what types of tournaments there are and how they can be structured. Now, let’s focus on the games that are the main focus of the events and shed some light on what each game-related competition is all about.

Online slots tournaments

Casino events with slots are very popular, there are quick rounds and simple game rules. A player can often play as many rounds as they want, quickly climbing the leaderboard. This keeps the race exciting every day. There are contests that are only for one slot, as is often the case with promotional tournaments. Another possibility is that it is only about slots of a certain provider. Progressive slots, where the jackpot increases per new player, are often excluded from online slot tournaments, by the way.

Poker Tournaments

Casino poker tournaments are another popular variant. Especially players who do not have a casino nearby should be happy that they can finally prove their hand at poker against real competitors. In addition, some portals offer video poker tournaments, which is a successful change from the classic game – but does not appeal to every poker fan. So look carefully if you care about which version is played in the competition.

Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack competitions are particularly exciting, which is in the very nature of this game, which is considered a game of chance, but also requires a certain strategy to master it. Such a competition is the perfect opportunity to prove your skills at Blackjack and beat the competition with the best hand.

Roulette Tournaments

Following a system in your betting can also help you come out a winner in a roulette competition. Pay attention to which version of roulette is being played (e.g. American roulette with double zero or multi-wheel roulette with multiple pots) to plan your bets smartly.

Live Casino Tournaments

Live casino tournaments are a lot of fun, as they come close to the atmosphere of a real casino. Here the focus is often on Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat, but sometimes a Poker competition can also be offered as a Live Casino Australia variant.

Online slots tournaments with different games

Of course, online casino tournaments are also held where there is more than just one game to master. Casinos can organize an event to celebrate an anniversary, with a wide variety of games from the portfolio to choose from. But the choice is left to the provider, so you should be aware of any exceptions.

Buffalo Gold slot

Wild Panda slot

Divine Fortune slot

Book of Dead Slot

Sports betting tournaments

Betting enthusiasts do not go empty-handed, because every now and then there are sports betting tournaments where you can shine with your betting predictions. Sometimes special types of bets receive a bonus, but the exact conditions vary from event to event. You can learn more about special features and conditions of tournaments in the upcoming sections.

Casino Tournament Rules

There is no general rule that applies to all tournaments. You have to keep looking at the entry requirements and find out each time what is required to be in the tournament. The internal rules of the competition, on the other hand, are often the same: players compete against each other and use their wagers or winnings to secure a place on the leaderboard. However, there are also special forms that you have already become familiar with, such as the knockout tournament. The golden rule in all tournaments: always play responsibly towards yourself.

Always up to date: The Casino Tournament Leaderboard

During a tournament, the ranking list helps you to locate your place in the field of participants or to determine how many points, games, etc. you are still missing to move up. you are still missing to move up. The leaderboards are often even updated in real time and then change within seconds. This way, you always have the positions of all players in view, which ensures transparency and a fair basis.

Casino Tournament Access

Basically, access to best casino tournaments is open to all registered users of a portal. After all, as many players as possible should participate and have fun. Whether you ultimately want to participate is up to you – and the conditions. At the beginning of this article, you already got an overview of what forms of participation fees there can be. Decide whether your budget is eligible for the present fee schedule or whether you would rather participate in a casino freeroll tournament. Every now and then, by the way, there are more exclusive contests for VIP members. For everyone else, access is denied – which can be a good advertisement for your own loyalty program.

Cash or non-cash prizes: Winnings at the tournament

You have already learned about the various alternatives for distributing prizes. But what kind of prizes are we actually talking about? The range is huge. Casino freeroll tournaments mainly offer free spins and bonuses as prizes. Long and extensive tournaments also offer cash prizes, but the non-cash prizes are particularly varied. Many Aussie online casinos do not miss the opportunity to arouse the ambition of players with the prospect of extraordinary prizes, such as:

The conditions of participation of casino tournaments

Looking at the fine print is as important in an online casino tournament as it is in a bonus offer. You need to check the terms and conditions carefully and then decide if you are willing to comply with them. This is the only way to avoid misunderstandings and disappointments based on the fact that you were not sufficiently informed about the details such as deposit limits or minimum turnover. In the case of a contest, the terms and conditions will tell you details about the following topics, among others:

Tip: If there are no German terms and conditions available, be sure to check the English version and, if necessary, use an online dictionary to get certainty in case of ambiguity.

Mobile Casino Tournaments

To play a round on the go, you can often join the competition from your smartphone or tablet. Some events may even give you extra points if you play from a mobile device. Read about this in the terms and conditions to possibly get a small advantage over other players. It may just as well happen that there are casino events that are exclusively for mobile use. If you often play on the go, this is the most practical option, as such tournaments are specifically adapted for use with smartphones or tablets.

High Roller Tournaments

High roller contests are a special form of contests that are not suitable for every player. They require high stakes and reward players who bet the most. Therefore, you should only consider participating if you have the appropriate budget. Usually, the betting levels in these tournaments are not limited. Whether you succeed in the game or not is then less crucial for the ranking than the amount you wager, as it already gives you extra points for the leaderboard. So, if you want to land on the top places, you have to be ready to invest the necessary stakes – bad cards for players with only a small budget.

New websites with casino tournaments in Australia

Long not every online casino offers equally races or promotions. Some portals regularly set up new promotions, while you look for them in vain at other providers. When we evaluate new online casinos, we carefully check if and how often the website offers events and promotions, so you know what to expect at the respective platform. If you want to know about the latest casinos, then why not bookmark your browser at this point to access info on new providers and tournaments directly.

Depositing and withdrawing money from tournaments

Knowing how to deposit real money and receive possible winnings are two important aspects in online casino. With a majority of providers, you can basically use all common payment methods – whether classic with Mastercard or practical with PayPal. This mostly applies not only to the desktop variant, but also to mobile gaming, where the use of online payment services is almost common.

Nevertheless, it is necessary that you always check the terms and conditions, because it may be that certain payment methods are not accepted for a tournament or promotion. There is no universal rule for this, so you’d better play it safe and check for a smooth deposit and withdrawal.

Casino Software Provider Tournaments

It is not uncommon for online casinos to collaborate on a tournament with game studios that want to use the event to showcase their new releases or promote games themed around a special occasion. A seasonal tournament can also be organized by a provider who wants to show off his collection of Christmas slots, for example. It also happens that game developers organize competitions in several casinos at the same time. Players from all participating online casinos then compete against each other, so that the prize pools, similar to progressive jackpots, are correspondingly larger than at just one casino. We would like to briefly introduce competitions from four major studios and their special features:

Software Providers. Tournaments

Netent Casino Turnaries

There are different tournament versions, but often users compete in different games against the casino and find themselves on a leaderboard. Often, you can participate in multiple tournaments at the same time in the same NetEnt casino for a chance to win multiple prizes.

Playtech Casino Turnaries

Playtech has recently teamed up with Buzz Bingo to create slot races that are open to all players. Every user has equal chances in this system, as points are awarded for the leaderboard based on the ratio of winnings to bets.

Microgaming Casino Turnaries

There are numerous Microgaming events where you can participate for free and have a chance to win more than just free spins. The provider often hosts weekly tournaments, so you will actually always find a competition. Due to the provider’s portfolio, slot tournaments are the main focus.

Elk Studios Casino Turnaries

The Swedish developers are known for their exceptional 3D slots, which are popular for tournaments in participating casinos. Depending on the provider, different rules and conditions may apply here.

Advantages for players in casino tournaments and promotions

You now know the main types of casino tournaments, their structures and features, and what to look out for. But why should you actually participate in a competition? The fact that you can win a lot of great prizes that regular games don’t offer you is one thing.

The other is that it gives us a lot of pleasure to compete with others. Since you often only play against the system in the casino, it’s a nice change to compete against real players – and maybe even in your favorite game. Competing also allows you to practice your skills and learn new games. The thought of being one of the top players awakens your ambition and brings new fun to the game.

If we have awakened your ambition, then choose a top online slot tournaments from our list above!