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Denis Mak

Live Blackjack is an online blackjack game format with a live dealer. This game uses the same rules as traditional blackjack, but players can play from anywhere with internet access.

In live blackjack, players connect to the game through a webcam and interact with the dealer, who is located in the studio or in a real casino. The dealer collects the bets and deals with the cards that the players see on their screens. Players can make their choice using the interface on their computer or mobile device. Live blackjack Australia can be played with other players at the same table or at a separate table, and players can use chat to communicate with each other or with the dealer.


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How Live Blackjack is Played – Technical Details

Online blackjack with live dealers is also played using live video streaming. This usually takes place in a dedicated studio with professional dealers who manage the gameplay.

The game begins with each player placing a bet on their hand. The dealer Australia then deals two cards to each hand, and the players must decide whether they will take additional cards or settle for the hand they have.

In live blackjack, players typically use a virtual table and interface to indicate their actions. For example, they can select “Stand” (stop) or “Hit” (take a card) using the buttons on the screen. The dealer also uses the interface to control the gameplay and interact with the players.

When all players have completed their actions, the dealer opens his cards and decides whether he needs to take additional cards or stop at the existing combination. Once the final result is determined, the winnings are paid out to the players accordingly.

In online live blackjack Australia, just like regular blackjack, players can place additional bets on various events, for example, that they will hit blackjack (the sum of the cards is 21), or that the dealer will bust (the sum of his cards will exceed 21).

Just like in live baccarat, in live blackjack the dealer and other players can ask questions or chat, which makes the game more social and interactive.

Watch a video of a live blackjack game.

How to find a good Live blackjack casino

If you are looking for the best live blackjack online casinos, you should pay close attention at this point. We have taken the trouble to test and compare the best live blackjack casinos for Australian players. In order to make your search easier, we will now go into all the important criteria that you should not disregard when choosing the right live blackjack casino.

Choose a reputable casino:

In the first step, you should carefully check whether it is a reputable provider. In this context, it is from you to take a look at the licensing. Serious live blackjack casinos have a valid license in any case and thus allow you to play safely. We have done the work for you and listed many safe casinos with live blackjack in this article.

View game tables:

After that, be sure to take a look at the live casino area. There you can quickly and easily find out how many live blackjack tables are available to you. In addition to the number of live blackjack tables, you should also check which different game versions are available.

Stakes and limits:

You should also find out what stakes and limits apply at the various live blackjack tables. You should make sure that there are enough tables available to suit your personal budget.

Check payout odds:

The payout ratios of the individual live casino blackjack tables should also not be underestimated in this context. With higher payout ratios, you automatically have better chances of earning lucrative returns. Therefore, make sure to find out what the payout values of the individual live blackjack tables are.

How to find live blackjack in an online casino?

Whichever casino you choose from our list, this game will usually be found along this path: Casino Games > Live Casino > Live Blackjack.

Pros and Cons Live casino blackjack

pluses iconPluses:

  • High stakes possible
  • Different variants available
  • Comes close to casino atmosphere
  • No need to travel to casino
  • Live Casino Bonus valid
  • Available 24/7
  • Different languages

pluses iconMinuses:

  • No atmosphere like in the casino on site
  • No personal contact with other players

How to Play Live Blackjack: Step by Step

Playing Live Blackjack online Australia may seem complicated at first glance, but following a few key steps will help you learn how to play with confidence and enjoy the process:

Step 1: Choosing a Casino and Entering the Game

Choose a reliable and licensed online casino that provides Live Blackjack. Create an account, make a deposit and go to the Live Casino section.

Choosing a Casino with live blackjack

Step 2: Select a Table and Place a Bet

Familiarize yourself with the available tables and choose the one that matches your betting preferences. Once you are seated at the table, place your initial bet.

Select a live dealer blackjack Table and Place a Bet

Step 3: Receive Cards

After placing your bet, the dealer deals you and himself two cards. One of the dealer’s cards is left closed (face down) and the other card is left open.

Receive Cards in live blackjack Australia

Step 4: Making Decisions

Based on your cards and the dealer’s open card, decide on the following actions:

Making Decisions in live blackjack online Australia

Step 5: Dealer Actions and Winner Determination

After all, players have made their decisions, the dealer reveals his hidden card. The dealer must draw additional cards until the sum of his cards totals 17 points or more. Your cards are then compared to the dealer’s cards and a winner is determined.

Dealer Actions and Winner Determination at live dealer blackjack Australia

Step 6: Payout of Winnings

If you beat the dealer, your bet is doubled or you receive your winnings according to the payout table. If you lose, your bet goes to the dealer. In case of a tie (equal points), your bet is returned to you.

Payout of Winnings at live blackjack online

Step 7: New Game

After the current game is over, you can place a new bet and start your next game of Live Blackjack.

New online blackjack live dealer Game

Types of bets and Payout Odds

For your convenience, here is a table outlining various types of bets you can make in Live Blackjack:

Bet Type Description Payout Odds
Main Bet This is the standard bet on the player’s or dealer’s hand. In case of winning, your bet will be doubled. 1:1
Insurance Offered when the dealer has an open Ace. Bet on the dealer getting a blackjack. 2:1
Double Down The ability to double your initial bet after receiving the first two cards. 1:1
Split If you have two cards of the same rank, you can split them into two bets and hands.
Bet Behind The option to bet on another player’s game if there are no available seats at the table. Various
Perfect Pairs Betting on you or the dealer getting a pair of identical cards (Perfect Pairs). Various
21+3 Betting on a combination of your two cards and one open dealer card, is similar to poker combinations. Various

Please note that the payout odds for “Split,” “Bet Behind,” “Perfect Pairs,” and “21+3” can vary depending on the specific rules of the Live Blackjack game and the casino you are playing at. It’s essential to review the payout table for each specific bet type before placing your bets.

Side bets in Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack offers two side bets: Perfect Pairs and 21+3.

Perfect Pairs is all about getting the perfect pair of cards as your starting hand. The player receives 35 times the stake if he gets two identical cards of the same suit. This can be, for example, 2 aces of hearts. 12 times the stake is awarded for a pair of cards consisting of 2 cards of the same suit, for example, a King of Hearts and a King of Diamonds. You still win 6 times the stake if you have a mixed pair of cards in your starting hand. This would be, for example, a Queen of Hearts and a Queen of Clubs.

With the side bet 21+3, there are 5 possible winnings. The main prize here is 100 times the stake received for 3 identical playing cards. A straight flush of 3 cards brings the player 40 times the stake. For 3 identical cards of different suits, 30 times the stake is won and 10 times the stake is awarded for a straight of different suits. A normal flush still brings 5 times the bet as winnings. It should be noted that the stakes for the side bets can be placed separately. Corresponding input fields are located directly next to the input field in which the bet for the regular hand is placed.

Different versions of Live Blackjack

The game of blackjack is one of the most popular card gambling games, attracting the attention of many players around the world. With the advancement of technology and the advent of online casinos, players are now able to enjoy this classic game in real-time with live dealers. Several well-known software providers such as Pragmatic Play, Evolution and Ezugi offer a variety of Live Blackjack versions, each with its own unique features and characteristics.

Pragmatic Play Live

Pragmatic Play is known for its diverse range of gambling games, and Live Blackjack is no exception. Their portfolio includes the following versions of Live Blackjack:

  1. Blackjack Lobby: Pragmatic Play’s Blackjack Lobby is perfect for beginners and experienced players alike. This version offers tables with different stakes, allowing players to choose the right level of risk.
  2. One Blackjack: One Blackjack is a unique version of blackjack where each table is reserved for only one player. This creates a more personalized and comfortable playing experience.
  3. Blackjack Ruby: Blackjack Ruby is a blackjack version with a colourful and stylish design. It offers extra bets and an exciting atmosphere that will appeal to fans of games with colourful graphics.


Evolution Gaming is one of the most well-known and respected Live Casino developers. Their versions of Live Blackjack offer high-quality streaming video and interactive gameplay:

  1. Lightning Blackjack: Lightning Blackjack is an exclusive version of blackjack with the addition of random multipliers that can significantly increase winnings. This gives the game an extra exciting element.
  2. Infinite Blackjack: Infinite Blackjack allows an unlimited number of players to sit at the same table. This is perfect for those who want to play without waiting for their turn.
  3. Blackjack Platinum VIP: Blackjack Platinum VIP is designed for larger players who seek an elite experience. The high betting limits and special services make this version the perfect choice for experienced gamblers.


Ezugi also offers a number of exciting Live Blackjack versions:

  1. Blackjack Gold: Ezugi’s Blackjack Gold is a classic version of the game with high-quality video and the ability to interact with dealers and other players.
  2. Italian Blackjack: Italian Blackjack is an authentic version of the game inspired by Italian style and culture. Elements of the Italian atmosphere make this version particularly appealing to players.
  3. Black Russian Blackjack: Black Russian Blackjack offers an interesting combination of traditional blackjack with special rules, making the game more dynamic and exciting.

Casino bonus offers for live blackjack

Before you register and make a deposit, take a look at the different bonus promotions. Take a look at the turnover requirements of the individual offers, because there you can find out whether the respective live casino bonus promotion can also be used for Live Blackjack.

Getting bonuses that are realizable when playing live online casinos is rare. Few Aussie online casino offer bonuses for the best online live dealer blackjack. In blackjack live casinos, too, bonus credits can sometimes be used in live casinos, whereby the turnover conditions then change and become more stringent to the detriment of the players. It is not uncommon for bonus funds wagered on Live Blackjack games to contribute only 20% or less towards meeting bonus requirements.

More detailed information can be found in the bonus conditions of the respective online casinos. If you would like to play with a bonus, you should therefore read the terms and conditions carefully in advance in order to avoid negative surprises such as the withdrawal of the bonus balance.

Strategies and tips for playing live blackjack at a high level

To play online live blackjack at an advanced level, it takes more than just luck—it requires a well-crafted strategy. If you aim to enhance your skills and excel in the game, consider the following effective strategies and insightful tips for a successful experience in live online blackjack Australia.

things maskot image
  • Master the rules and strategies of blackjack

    Prior to engaging in high-stakes gameplay, ensure you possess a thorough comprehension of the game's regulations and fundamental strategies. Familiarize yourself with the basics of blackjack strategy, enabling you to make informed decisions across various gaming scenarios.

  • Exercise prudent bankroll management

    Effectively managing your bankroll is of utmost importance when playing live blackjack. Establish betting limits and adhere to them strictly, avoiding any impulsive deviations. It is also advisable to divide your bankroll into multiple sessions, preventing the risk of depleting your entire balance in a single game.

  • Remain level-headed and rational

    Maintaining composure and preventing emotions from influencing your decision-making process is critical in live blackjack Aus. Base your choices on sound strategies and statistical probabilities rather than relying on intuition or impulsive reactions.

  • Implement a card counting technique

    Some players utilize card counting strategies to augment their winning prospects. This method involves tracking the ratio of high to low cards remaining in the deck, allowing for strategic adjustments to betting patterns based on this knowledge. It is important to note that certain casinos prohibit the use of card counting strategies.

  • Opt for experienced dealers

    When selecting an online casino for live blackjack, prioritize those featuring skilled dealers. Competent dealers contribute to a comfortable gaming environment and ensure fair play, significantly impacting your chances of success.

  • Maintain consistency on a single table

    While engaging in live blackjack, it is beneficial to remain on one table rather than switching between multiple tables. This approach enables you to closely monitor the game's progress and make well-informed decisions based on previous outcomes and knowledge of dealt cards.

  • Commit the basic rules to memory

    In addition to mastering fundamental strategies, it is imperative to memorize the essential rules of blackjack. For instance, be aware that dealers must stand on 17 points, and the option to split pairs is permitted only once. Familiarize yourself with insurance mechanics and understand when it is appropriate to employ this strategy.

  • Develop the ability to identify advantageous situations

    A key aspect of playing blackjack involves recognizing scenarios where increasing or decreasing your bets is advantageous. For instance, if a substantial number of high-value cards remain in the deck, increasing your bets can be justified due to the heightened probability of receiving a card worth more than 10 points.

Live dealer Blackjack Australia for VIP players

At live casinos, some live blackjack gaming tables are reserved exclusively for VIP players and high rollers. Some of these tables are open to all players who are willing to risk the increased minimum bet, while other tables are really only open to members of exclusive Club Royale. The VIP and High Roller gaming tables are where ambitious Live Blackjack players meet who want to place higher stakes in a special atmosphere or simply enjoy the benefits of Club Royale. Those who place their bets more frequently as a high roller at the corresponding tables naturally also improve their chances of also being invited to Club Royale. If you too prefer to bet high, then we recommend you to read our review of the best high roller casino sites.

Besides the exclusive atmosphere and some other attractive amenities, the VIP gaming tables naturally offer the same high-quality blackjack games that are offered to all other players. The games are guaranteed to run uninterrupted, reliable and 100% fair.

Exclusive casino gaming tables at live dealer Blackjack Australia

Since the game developers who host and broadcast the live games are in service of several online casinos, it often happens that players from different online casinos sit at one live blackjack game table. Since the blackjack game rules are the same in all casinos and the settlement of the game stakes takes place unproblematically via the respective casinos, this is not a problem at all. However, some casinos have reserved their own, very exclusive gaming tables in the studios of the game organizers. Here you will then really only find players of a single online casino. The exclusive gaming tables are immediately recognizable by the logos in the background of the live dealers. At such gaming tables, the atmosphere is often a little better than at the other gaming tables.

Also, such exclusive Live Blackjack game tables can be used for special bonus promotions and other offers of the casino. So it’s definitely worth taking a look at the exclusive gaming tables.

Playing Live Blackjack on Mobile Devices

In the age of digital technology and high-speed internet, the ability to play your favourite gambling games in real-time on mobile devices opens up unique horizons for us. One of the most exciting and popular gambling games that can now be enjoyed anytime and anywhere is Live Blackjack.

Modern mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become real casinos in your pocket. Thanks to technological innovations and the development of online casinos, players can now enjoy Live Blackjack in real-time from the comfort of their own homes or even on the go. You no longer need to be tethered to a desktop computer to immerse yourself in the excitement and interaction with a live dealer.

Benefits of Playing Live Blackjack on Mobile Devices

Conclusion: Live Casino Blackjack combines gaming fun and atmosphere

Our practical test confirms: Hardly any other game category in online casinos comes as close to the atmosphere in a land-based casino as the best live dealer blackjack games online. The fact that players can expect so many high-quality games is a cause for celebration. But despite all the fun, the general conditions are also right. From the license to data protection to the use of secure payment methods: fans of this game category are offered entertaining gaming fun in a serious environment. If you are clever, you will receive a suitable casino bonus from Blackjack Online Casino. As such, we see this game format as more than just a temporary replacement for visiting a local casino.

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What are the popular payment methods available at online casinos that provide live blackjack? open answer

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